“Natural Forces and Emotional Measurements”

Snapshot 2017 9 25 10 30 25 "Natural Forces and Emotional Measurements"

Platform3 in collaboration with British Council presents:

“Natural Forces and Emotional Measurements”

A part of UK/ID 2016-18, a project by artist-in-residence Josette Chiang

Exhibition Period:
September 26 – 30, 2017

Exhibition Venue:
platform3, Jl. Cigadung Raya Tengah 40, Bandung

Tues, Sept 26, 2017

‘Natural Forces and Emotional Measurements’ is a performative multimedia installation and located experiment responding to Gunung Batu (Stone Mountain) which is situated on the constantly shifting Lembang Fault in northern Bandung, Indonesia. This new work comes from the artist’s interest in how the mythological and geological significance attributed to Gunung Batu generates different narratives relating to lived experience.
Central to the exhibition is a video comprised of visual and audio residues connecting Gunung Batu through actions and conversations. In response to the highly symbolic value of landscape in Sundanese culture the exhibition also features an experiment making an organic battery to generate energy from the sesajen offered at Gunung Batu and different soil samples from Bandung.

Free and open for public