Ultraviolence released the debut “References” album

Doc. Ultraviolence

has announced the release of “Safari” on CD-R and official music video. It will be made available via Heavenpunks.

Celebration of the loudest, pessimistic, romantic post-punk of 2019, the year Ultraviolence released the debut “References” album, the featured single wasn’t previously recorded or even available for public.

Ultraviolence – Safari / Artwork by Andro K

The natural world is dark, decaying, and mysterious; it’s impossible to learn how to separate from negativity. We all judge ourselves and others, usually unconsciously. Constantly comparing ourselves to other people or comparing our lives to some ideal breeds dissatisfaction. It’s human nature to dwell on the negative and overlook the positive. Our minds have clever and persistent ways of convincing us of something that isn’t really true. In general, with common elements of poem and goth, the featured single “Safari” is more about sheer terror regarding a suffering state when you feel stressed out, worried, frustrated, angry, depressed, irritable, overwhelmed, resentful or fearful.

Now Ultraviolence have revealed that Rizky Ramadhan will join as part of the band replace Torkis Waladan. Current line-up is rounded out by Bayu Silalhi as bassist, Maulana Akbar as vocal and guitarist Rizky Ramadhan. Rizky Ramadhan has worked with band such as promising stoner rock Xaverius.

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