Metallic hardcore band Dagger release new track discussing representation

Doc. Bryner Tan

Metallic hardcore band Dagger have discharged a fresh track entitled Step Back. The song options Summa Li, musician of Hong Kong melodic death metal band Escharotic. The track is streaming below and is out there at no cost transfer on their bandcamp:

The band states:

“This song was written to inspire all people to consider illustration within the underground scene (mainly in Hong Kong however will after all be applied anywhere) by asking the questions:

Is there enough representation?
Is there enough selection in voices/perspectives?
Are we tend to doing enough to vary the standing quo?
Do we even care?

To make this song very move, we tend to invited somebody UN agency we really respect within the underground community, Summa Li of Escharotic, to precise her thoughts concerning her struggles and what this music means that to her. each lyrically and showing emotion – she nailed it in one or 2 takes. whereas we tend to were researching for this song, we tend to asked a number of our nearest friends UN agency play in significant bands in Hong Kong concerning some of the foremost ridiculous comments they’ve received from folks. Here are a pair of the most important doozies:

“A woman that sings this kind of music isn’t somebody you ought to marry.”
“This is what i used to be told after I was making an attempt to search out a band to play in: “Play during a band with a girl? No means.”
“I guess you’re a reasonably sensible percussionist for a woman.”

There’s conjointly an editorial informed Metal Hammer relating to these similar sorts of ridiculous comments that is unbelievably value reading:

We’ve simply been asking ourselves, doesn’t the planet of significant music would like a lot of fascinating and distinctive voices/perspectives? which was the catalyst for the lyrics during this song.”

The band’s original musician recently departed the band, however they haven’t incomprehensible a beat as they solely discharged this track, have two a lot of recordings within the works, and can be hit the subsequent places for shows:

May twenty five – Paradisefest Bangkok
May twenty six – gap for Endzweck Bangkok
June one – island Hardcore Fest Philippines

Apparently a music video for this song is presently being altered and will be prepared during a few weeks.

More information on the band here:
Facebook: daggerhk