BAREFOOD “Sullen” EP in 10” Green Vinyl is available!

barefood min BAREFOOD “Sullen” EP in 10” Green Vinyl is available!

Jakarta (March 2019) – Barefood, an indie rock duo from Bekasi, Indonesia, releases “Sullenalbum in 10” Green Vinyl. Formed in 2009, Barefood is eager to show how the physical format is still thriving within the Indonesian music scene.

The members are two high school friends Ilham Pradwitto (Ditto) on Guitar/Vox and Rachmad Triyadi (Mamat) on Bass/Vox. Barefood is influenced by 90s alternative/ emo/ indie rock bands such as Dinosaur Jr., The Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate, Teenage Fanclub; as well as newer bands like Real Estate.

Barefood songs are mostly about love and friendship. The mix of guitar riff and bass line are catchy as hell, noise, and constantly melodic. “Sullen” is like a J Mascis-fronted Husker Du covering songs by early Sunny Day Real Estate. Nothing feels better to their ears that the overwhelming crunch of distorted guitar upon candy-sweet melodies.

BAREFOOD%2B %2BSULLEN min BAREFOOD “Sullen” EP in 10” Green Vinyl is available!

Barefood already has 2 EP and 1 LP in different formats. Their self-titled EP with 4 tracks was released in 2009 and after that they released “Sullen”. Their 5 tracks debut album “Sullen” was ranked number 11 on Rolling Stone Indonesia’s list of 20 Indonesia Best Albums in 2013. The singles were “Perfect Color”, “Teenage Daydream”, and other 3 songs that hooked in listeners for 23 minutes.

Back in 2018, Barefood collaborated with a record label from Jakarta, Guerilla Records, to release a limited edition “Sullen” EP in 10” Green Transparent 150 gr Vinyl Record – this was a big deal within the Indonesian music scene.

BAREFOOD%2B %2BSULLEN%2B BAREFOOD “Sullen” EP in 10” Green Vinyl is available!

Sullen” in 10” Green Vinyl is available at Guerilla Records (for online order) and Anoa Records (for offline order).

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Teenage Daydream (2014)
Candy (2018)

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